More Emacs Plugin

More Emacs Plugin is an eclipse plugin for emacs users.

Eclipse provides the emacs like key bindings. But emacs users require more emacs like key bindings. More emacs plugin provides more emacs like key bindings. The key bind scheme of more emacs is a child schema of Eclispe's emacs scheme. It adds some key bindings or overrides some bindings to emacs scheme.


You can install the plugin by any of the following methods:

Open the preferences dialog and General/Keys. Choose "More Emacs" from "Scheme" pull down.


Key Bindings

The following list is key bindings of more emacs plugin.

Key bindings of More Emacs
function binding description
undo C-/ rebind
delete previous C-h rebind
next editor C-x o
previous editor C-Shift-Tab rebind
file close C-x 0 rebind
maximize part C-x 1 rebind
new editor C-x 2 rebind
find replace M-S-5 rebind
newline-and-indent C-j rebind
back-to-indentation M-m rebind
move-beginning-of-line C-a moves the cursor to 0th column, not to the first non-space char of the line.
move-end-of-line C-e
forward-word M-f moves the cursor to the end of word, not to the first char of the next word. Only Character.isLetterOrDigit() is used to word-break. It is very simple but predictable.
backward-word M-b
kill-word M-d
backward-kill-word M-BS
delete-horizontal-space M-\
kill-line C-k
transpose-chars C-t
transpose-words M-t
kill-rectangle C-x r k East Asian Width supported
yank-rectangle C-x r y East Asian Width supported
newline C-m
open-line C-o
upcase-word M-u
downcase-word M-l
capitalize-word M-c
comment-region C-c C-c
C-u C-c C-c
forward to toggle comment


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